Mobiconnect™ is a cloud based service hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows companies, product owners or start up’s to rapidly deploy digital platforms for their business or projects. 

Mobiconnect provides common core functionalities such as authentication and access control, content management, file storage and document management, notifications, etc, as well as advanced modules built on top of those core features - such as user segmentation, geofencing, custom forms, learning management system, rewards and loyalty features, incident management and task/job management to name a few. 

We are continually adding more features as part of the ready to market library of core features. Mobiconnect has a customisable admin web interface and integrates with third party services such as Sendgrid, Twilio, HubSport, CometChat etc. 

Sign up to Mobiconnect here: https://www.mobiconnect.net/signup