Admins and Account owners can create a folder and sub-folder. 

Create a Folder

Step 1: Create a folder or sub-folder 

Step 2: Drag an image or file anywhere into the folder. You can also upload from your computer


Create an item. 

Step 1: Create an item 

Step 2: Create multiple file type versions for an item

You would create an item where there is a particular item that has multiple versions of file types. For example: WH&S First Aid Compliance might have a word doc, PDF and an image which all consist of an Item. That way you can associate multiple file types to an Item.

Both these features are part of the document management system in Mobiconnect.

You can create a specific folder and get all forms submitted by your customers into the same. 

You can also allocate a task to be completed with an expiry date for your users to complete.