To make your free trial account into a paid account, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Create an account in Mobiconnect.

Note: To know how to create an account in Mobiconnect, please refer to this article How to create an account in  Mobiconnect

Step 2: When your account is created, then you will have a free trial period of 14 days, and during your free trial you can create only one project for free.

Step3: You can convert your account to paid account by clicking on the upgrade button, after clicking on the upgrade button and select the plan, and make the payment.

Step4:  You can also convert your account to billed account by adding a credit card, to add a card go to settings and click on the billing section.

Step 5: Navigate to the billing section and click on the Manage plan button.

Step 6: Click on the Add payment method button and add payment details.

Step 7: Enter the valid card number, expiration, CVC and select the country from the drop-down, and click on the Add button. 

Note: When your card detail is added then after your free trial ends it will deduct the amount from your card and your account will be converted into a paid account.