How to create Geofence and Beacon Segments in Mobiconnect

Step 1: 

Go to the "Segments" feature in Mobiconnect 

Step 2: 

Click the "New" button 

Step 3: 

Select what type of Segment you wish to create. 

  1. Choose Geofence: If you are creating something that has a location feature using Geofencing.
  2. Choose Beacon: If you have a Beacon and using a Segment to attach a message to that Beacon segment.
  3. Choose Other: If you are creating a general segment for use across other features such as tasks, docs etc.

If you select "Beacon" then you need to have a Beacon entered into the portal using the "Beacons" feature, when creating any content you can then select that 'Beacon' segment to push messages to. 


Let's say you have created a "Beacon" segment and have a mobile app with Beacons integrated.

You then create a message such as a push notification, reward offer, content alert or a marketing message within the platform and have selected the "Beacon" segment you created.

So, when anyone comes in close proximity of that beacon will get that message. This is used in many applications where location is important. See some of our examples here: