Follow these steps to send out a Push Notification to your App users. There are options to schedule or choose a particular audience / segment as a sub-set of users. The default will be to send to 'BOTH' which will send out the Push Notification to both iOS and Android app users. Note that a user must have allowed for push notifications to be received on their device. 

Step 1: Click on the "New" button on the top right 

Step 2: Enter the Title and your Message to send users

Note that uploading "Image" is not mandatory. 

Step 3: Select Audience / Segment 

Default would be to send to "Both" which will send the notification to all iOS and Android app users. 

Step 4: SEND > Click on "Create" to send out your Push Notification. 


There is an option for you to "Send Now" which will immediately send the notification OR you can "Schedule" date and time to send out your Push Notification.